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Revenue Sharing Model

We are thrilled to provide you with a detailed insight into how TXT token holders will benefit from our innovative revenue and reward systems. Our ecosystem is designed to ensure transparency, fairness, and optimal value creation for our community of investors.

Staking and Governance

Our staking mechanism operates on a dynamic reward escalation logic. Stakers receive rewards based on the duration of their stake. Every month, staking rewards are calculated, motivating long-term commitment. Users can unstake their tokens at any time, providing flexibility while ensuring a cooldown period to maintain the integrity of the system.

Revenue Sharing

At the end of each 4-week interval, our ecosystem tracks the total revenue generated. 50% of this revenue is dynamically allocated to a profit-sharing pool. Subsequently, eligible token holders receive distributions from this pool, proportionate to their stake in the ecosystem. This profit-sharing mechanism directly ties the success of the ecosystem to the benefits received by our investors.

Deflationary Mechanisms

At regular intervals, specifically every 2 weeks, our smart contract autonomously executes a buyback of TXT tokens using a portion of the accumulated SOL from the reserve. This buyback is triggered when predefined conditions, such as specific trading volumes or price thresholds, are met.

The purchased TXT tokens are then subjected to a burn mechanism, meaning they are permanently removed from circulation. This strategic buyback and burn approach will reduce the circulating supply, fostering scarcity and contributing to token value appreciation.

Benefits and Discounts

Our ecosystem remains adaptive and responsive to market trends. Every 2 weeks, AI models analyze market sentiment, trends, and relevant data points. The models make informed decisions, adjusting parameters like staking rewards, buyback thresholds, and profit-sharing percentages to optimize the ecosystem’s performance.

With an initial total supply of 100 million TXT tokens, 25 million are allocated for the revenue and reward systems. These tokens are strategically distributed across the various mechanisms, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach to incentivizing our investor community.

In conclusion, our revenue and reward systems create a dynamic and responsive ecosystem, delivering tangible benefits to TXT token holders. These mechanisms, operating at intervals, are meticulously designed to enhance transparency, fairness, and value creation for our esteemed investors.

Ecosystem Integration

Textopia will work with other platforms and services to make sure TXT can be used in different places. This will include using TXT in other apps for borrowing or investing. Making TXT more useful across different platforms helps it become more valuable.

Transparency and Accountability

Textopia will be transparent about how it manages TXT tokens. This means regularly updating users about decisions, earnings, and how tokens are distributed. Users will have easy tools to track their TXT tokens and rewards.